Saturday, May 23, 2020

Trenton, Jersey, Nj Nightlife Best Restaurants Bars

Top Rated Trenton, NJ Nightlife: Best Restaurants Bars Meta Description: Trenton, New Jersey has great restaurants, bars, and other nightlife to choose from. Meta Keywords: Trenton bars, Trenton restaurants, Restaurants in Trenton, Bars in Trenton Trenton, New Jersey Knows How to Show Locals and Tourists a Good Time Trenton, New Jersey may not be the first place you think of when you think nightlife capital of the East Coast. It may not be, that is, unless you live there or have ever traveled through. Trenton has a surprisingly well developed restaurant and bar scene. This town, just shy of one hundred thousand residents, is the state capital so you know it will have nightlife developed beyond what its population would suggest. Restaurants Blame it on the state government; blame it on the administrators at Thomas Edison University. Whomever you choose to blame it on doesn’t matter, the fact that Trenton has a disproportionate number of great eateries, steak houses, and fine dining establishments benefits everyone who lives and works in the state capital regardless of who’s fault it is. Who knows? Considering how many of Trenton’s best restaurants serve Italian, maybe it has nothing to do with the University or the Capital. Regardless, locals and visitors have everything to be thankful for when sampling these great restaurants. Oliver A Bistro Consistently ranked among New Jersey’s top fifty restaurants, Oliver A Bistro, offers

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